Higher Education's Commitment to Sustainability

Higher Education Institutions can play a significant role in building a sustainable paradigm. They may help in facing local and global challenges, facilitating society to answer major global challenges. Their vision and action could be reinforced with a role review towards the creation and distribution of socially relevant knowledge in education and research, and in relationship with communities. They can support, en even anticipate, ways for action to play a proactive and committed role in rebuilt societies.

  • Alexis Smirnov

    In this interview, Alexei Smirnov speaks about the capacities necessary to work in an increasingly globalized world, as well as his university’s efforts in international relations and some issues facing sustainability in his specific region.

  • Interview

    Tarah Wright  discusses about the relevance of sustainability research, its advantages, limitations as well as the need to go beyond the ivory tower and find innovative and holistic ways to create awareness about sustainability among stakeholders. She is an associate professor of Environmental...

  • Paul Rowland

    In this interview, Paul Rowland of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) explains the importance of increasingly including sustainability in higher education and the leading role that AASHE is taking on that regard

  • Article
    In this article, Valentin Tappeser from Maastricht University presents the Maastricht University Green Office, a student-led department that develops sustainability projects by...
  • Interview

    "We need an all-encompassing pedagogy"
    In this interview, Angélica Olvera, Academic and Educational Research Director for the CUDEC Group (Mexico) explains the concept of systemic pedagogy and its application to higher education.

  • Walter Leal Filho

    In this interview Walter Leal Filho, Senior Professor at London Metropolitan University, UK and head of the Research and Transfer Centre "Applications of Life Sciences" of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, explains that Education for Sustainability is about educating people to better...

  • Cecilia Lundholm

    In this interview Cecilia Lundholm, from the Department of Education, Stockholm University & Stockholm Resilience Centre, explains that one of the goals of higher education is to help students to understand how society works and which is the toolkit that they can use to deal with the...

  • Interview

    In this interview, Heila Lotz- Sisitka, Director of the Murray & Roberts Chair of Environmental Education and Sustainability at Rhodes University (South Africa) explains the different ways of understanding sustainable development in African universities.



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