The role of higher education for human and social development


The role of higher education institutions is today's world immense, complex and vital. A wide range of challenges and opportunities is emerging, with many political, economic and social implications. Perhaps most significant are the challenges associated with shifting perspectives of knowledge itself, which are strongly influencing the role and the responsibility of universities in society. Universities are well positioned to link the local and the global and this gives them considerable access to and influence over change process in  may societies. It may enhance their potential to contribute to human and social development through the promotion and facilitation of citizen participation and involvement in these processes.

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    In this article Natalia Orellana of the Organization for Higher Education, Co-operation, Research and Development explains how the role of career guidance in higher education is...
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    In this article Eduardo Rivera of the University of Kassel, describes the process of implementation of a brand new scholarship programme in Chile which main aim is the development...
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    In this article Dine Brinkman of the Wageningen University, describes the evolution, tasks and scope of the Team Intercultural Dialogue and explores its relevance and main results.
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    In this article, Valentin Tappeser from Maastricht University presents the Maastricht University Green Office, a student-led department that develops sustainability projects by...
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    In this article, Jahir Calvo from the University of Panama, explains the challenges for Latin America regarding international mobility. It is also noted that the region should...
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    In this article the Association of African Universities (AAU) explains how Africa’s higher education sector’s has responded to the HIV-AIDS pandemic in the region as part of its...
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    Building on the Local: the Approach of BRAC University, Bangladesh
    In this interview, Manzoor Ahmed from the Institute of Educational Development, BRAC University, Bangladesh, explains the main features of this NGO-founded university and the impact it has not only on the training of...

  • Tedesco during the interview

    "Educational expansion is a pillar of a more just society"
    In this interview, Juan Carlos Tedesco, Argentina’s former minister for Education, Science and Technology, reflects on the role of higher education as an agent of social transformation, the importance of equity policies in access...



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