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    GUNi Highlights
    Tuesday, November 10, 2015
    • This was the core message issued during the conference “From HEEFA towards SDG4: Building on achievements” held last October in Barcelona.
    • This event, co-organized by GUNi, focused on recommendations for the Framework for Action (FFA) which
    • ...
  • Marco Antonio Rodrigues Dias presented the paper entitled 'The Institutional and Political Challenges of Accreditation in the International Sphere' at the Third International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education, 'Accreditation for Quality Assurance: What Is at Stake?'.
  • Peter Okebukola suggested the creation of an African higher education area based on the European model and talked about the conditions needed to prevent brain drain. He also presented the paper "Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa" at the Third...
  • President of the Evaluation and Accreditation Corporation at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Sudan.
  • In this article Amy H. Ewen of the University of Kassel presents a historical comparative analysis of the World Bank reports on Higher Education. She critically engages with the proposals of the World Bank emphasizing its success and learning process. She briefly reviews some of the core tenets of...
  • In this article, the author discusses the rapid growth of the university system in China, termed “massification”, and the backlash which has arisen as a result of this sudden expansion. She also dissects the government’s attempts to curtail the issues resulting from these challenges.


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