Podcast series presented by Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA)

The voices of young people coming from multiple backgrounds
The voices of young people coming from multiple backgrounds
Podcast series presented by Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA)

This is a podcast series presented by Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA). There are 9 episodes in total and we have tried to capture the voices of young people coming from multiple backgrounds. To capture the diversity of India's youth, we have episodes in English, Hindi, Assamese and Bengali. The English translations for the podcasts in Hindi, Assamese & Bengali has also been provided.

About PRIA

Established in 1982, PRIA (Participatory Research in Asia) is a global centre for participatory research and training based in New Delhi. PRIA’s work is focused on empowerment of the excluded through capacity building, knowledge building and policy advocacy. It has promoted ‘participation as empowerment’, capacity building of community organisations, and people’s participation in governance. Initiatives are undertaken in the overall perspective of ‘making democracy work for all’ – in the political system; democratic culture in families, communities, and society; and participatory democracy with active citizenship.  

About the podcast hosts

Nikita Rakhyani (Program Officer, PRIA) is currently supporting various programs of PRIA that focus on building youth-leadership and capacities. She is a certified participatory trainer, with experience of conducting trainings and programs, with youth and adults. A post-graduate in Development Communication and Extension, Nikita has also conducted primary research with women in rural settings of India. 

Jigme Garwang (India Coordinator, UNESCO Co-Chair in Community Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education; Research Assistant, PRIA), a post-graduate in Economics, is currently supporting PRIA’s initiatives that focus on Social Responsibility and Higher Education.

Link to the podcasts series:

1. Introduction podcast: https://youtu.be/akZ_-vq0mSs

2. Zeenat podcast: https://youtu.be/qKpWmR9qiYQ

3. Mukul podcast: https://youtu.be/zkjekaNi-9A

4. Ahana podcast: https://youtu.be/ymYwiKGgJZQ

5. Prarthana podcast: https://youtu.be/RYdD6terdsY

6. Saamkisha podcast: https://youtu.be/RWY9VGaeJkc

7. Pooja podcast: https://youtu.be/QMfLBAmxBmM 

8. Kunwar podcast: https://youtu.be/NYCTAOlYDsI

9. Final podcast: https://youtu.be/4dtXVGn1Ryc




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