TeRRIFICA project - Report on institutional framework conditions, relevant local and regional processes, instruments and co-creation factors related to or adaptable for climate action


TeRRIFICA, standing for Territorial Responsible Research and Innovation fostering Innovative Climate Action, has a goal of fostering competence for climate change adaptation in different European regions, specifically in Belarus, France, Germany, Poland, Serbia and Spain.

This TeRRIFICA deliverable is produced in the framework of the first phase of the project: the knowledge phase. Indeed, the first step for fostering co-creation on climate change is to learn about the local contexts of the six pilot regions, including specific local climate effects impacting the region, key actors, local policies on climate, if there are some participation mechanisms already in place, what are the types of collaborations between stakeholders, etc.

This is one of the core goals of TeRRIFICA in regards to thematic approach, content definition and implementation strategies. This part of work, led by the Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznań) team, includes different activities to create a comprehensive overview on the state of the art of climate change adaptation research and innovation strategies and examples and communication strategies and methods at different levels of complexity.

This report therefore includes:

  • The methodology: how pilot regions gathered information to draw an overview of the climate change initiatives and institutional framework in their region;
  • An overview of the climate policy framework: what are the strategies and plans to mitigate or adapt to climate change that are important for TeRRIFICA action in the region.
  • A review of relevant local and regional processes: What are the specific climate change issues for each pilot regions and are there existing processes to tackle these issues?
  • An analysis of participatory instruments and co-creation degrees in existing policies and multi-stakeholders initiatives tacking climate change.
Churski, P., Fagiewicz, K., Herodowicz, T., Lupa, P., Mizgajski, A., Morawska-Jancelewicz, J., Sciences Citoyennes - TeRRIFICA project
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