TeRRIFICA project - Case Studies Report


TeRRIFICA, standing for Territorial Responsible Research and Innovation Fostering Innovative Climate Action, is a European project aiming at developing innovative climate action through stakeholder engagement and co-creation.

Climate change and its effects are becoming more and more a globally discussed issue. Thus, the awareness that we have to start with concrete actions to adapt to and mitigate climate change effects is constantly increasing.

But how should these actions look like? Who has to be included in these actions? What should be considered when developing new climate actions?

These are important questions that probably not only arose in our TeRRIFICA project. Fortunately, there are already many exciting examples around the world that successfully initiated climate actions in a wide variety of ways. Consequently, within the TeRRIFICA project, we aim at learning from these experiences before we start developing specific actions in our pilot regions. These pilot region actions will be based on community-academia research partnerships and on the facilitation of an effective and productive co-creation process between all actors.

For this report, the TeRRIFICA pilot region teams from Belarus, France, Germany, Poland, Serbia and Spain identified case studies of community-academia research partnership from their regions or countries related to climate change adaptation and/or mitigation. The projects were analysed taking into account their aims and objectives, the way of communication and participation, conflicts and barriers, and good participatory research practices.

This “Case Studies Report” includes a summary of these analysed projects that highlights common outstanding elements for the development of future climate actions with community-academia research partnerships. Additionally, each case study is presented in an individual profile with key information to give a more detailed insight into these exciting and supportive examples of climate action.

Hannah Hoff - University of Vechta; TeRRIFICA project
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