Economic report of Catalonia 2018


The 54th edition of the Annual Economic Report of Catalonia is published annually by the Council of Chambers of Catalonia, and it is the reference publication in the analysis of the economy Catalan and the provinces and counties that compose it. This territorial analysis that is presented in the various Catalan Chambers allows entrepreneurs, professionals and institutions to have one Deeper knowledge of your nearest economic reality.

Since its inception, the purpose of the publication has been to publicize the main data economic of Catalonia in the international and Spanish framework, as well as providing reflections on issues of economic news. This year, the central theme of the Report is the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations and the contribution of Catalan companies to the achievement of ODS. The Agenda 2030, approved by the United Nations in September of the year 2015, is a global agenda referred to The three dimensions (economic, social and environmental) of sustainable development, which is deployed through the achievement of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (ODS). Through these It aims to fight against poverty, stop climate change, improve people's health, work quality or reduce gender inequality, among others. In Catalonia there are many the initiatives and good practices that are beginning to emerge to advance the achievement of the ODS. On this issue, they deal with the various articles included in the monographic section of the Annual Report, all of them signed by renowned experts and experts such as Cristina Gallach, Arnau Queralt, Àngel Pes, Marta Subirà, Àngel Castiñeira or Josep M. Vilalta, among others.

This monograph also includes good business practices that are aligned with the Agenda 2030, such as Banco Santander, IESE PPP for Cities, Fruits de Ponent in Lleida, Noel Alimentaria in Girona or Familia Torres in Barcelona. To all the people who have collaborated with the I would like to thank you very much for your contribution and dedication.

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