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March 2018


source: UNFPA
Universities and scientific research play a prominent role in the knowledge society and economy. As Daniel Innerarity says in his excellent book The Democracy of Knowledge , the problems faced by mankind today require major mobility of knowledge.


Open letter from the GUNi Director, Josep M. Vilalta, about the new edition of the Higher Education in the World Report 7 to be published in 2019.

The HEIW7 will be devoted to the future of the humanities and the relation between science,...


GUNi Group of Experts on SDGs and Higher Education

Open call! Cases of excellence and good practice in integration between humanities, science and technology


New GUNi members

‘Introduction to Responsible Research and Innovation’, outline of the HEIRRI workshops in Brasil and Mexico



Girona, Spain

“Learning Spaces: agents of change at the university”


Barcelona, Spain

This GUNi International Conference aims to be an international meeting to debate on the role of the humanities, and the ...

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