The TEFCE Toolbox, now available in Catalan, Croatian, German and Spanish


The TEFCE Toolbox, an institutional self-reflection framework for community engagement in higher education, has been translated into 4 languages. In addition to being available in English, the TEFCE Toolbox is now available in Catalan, Croatian, German and Spanish. 

Tefce toolbox

The EU-funded project Towards a European Framework for Community Engagement in Higher Education (TEFCE) has developed the TEFCE Toolbox, an institutional self-reflection framework that supports universities to improve how they address societal needs through partnerships with their external communities. Piloted over two years through a process involving 180 experts and practitioners from eight EU Member States, the TEFCE Toolbox presents an innovative, robust and holistic framework to support universities’ community engagement.

The TEFCE Toolbox is available on the GUNi website / Resources for teachers and researchers and as a fully open-access resource at

Complete TEFCE Toolbox (in English):

Complete TEFCE Toolbox (other language versions):

The TEFCE Toolbox versions can be freely downloaded here as an open access resource under Creative Commons license: CC BY 4.0. Institutions interest in applying the TEFCE Toolbox at their own institutions can contact us for questions, support and advice during implementation ( For background documents and methodology and TEFCE Toolbox by stages, please visit


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