The Talloires Network Leaders Conference (TLNC): “Live Engagement, Transform Lives” took place in Cape Town, South Africa from the 2 to 4 December 2014


The TNLC gathered leaders of universities from around the world to chart the next stage of the global movement of higher education, civic engagement and social responsibility.  During this event the authors of the Sub-Saharan Africa presented the GUNi Report.

In this crucial era in which the growing global movement of universities seeks to move beyond the ivory tower paradigm, the TNLC highlighted and reinforced the compelling leadership of national, regional and international networks that are advancing university-community partnerships on all continents.

The conference programme emphasized three Overarching Themes:

Perspectives from the Global South – highlighting knowledge and successful strategies developed by universities in the Global South; fostering South-North, North-South and South-South dialogue
Youth Employment – elevating the role of universities in addressing the world-wide youth employment crisis
Economic Development – discussing how higher education institutions contribute to economic development in all geographic contexts.

The 5th GUNi World Report “Knowledge, Engagement and Higher Education. Contributing to Social Change” was presented by the authors of the Sub-Saharan Africa, who gave an overview of the report and a specific view of the African regional chapter. The African theory and practice in the global higher education and engagement movement was presented by George Openjuru, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Gulu University (Uganda), Jerome Slamat, Senior Director at the Community Engagement Division of the Stellenbosch University and Director of the South African Higher Education and Community Engagement Forum, and Shirley Walters, Special Advisor to the President of the University of Western Cape on Lifelong Learning and Engagement.

Shirley Walters (South Africa) and George Openjuru (Uganda) were the authors of the regional chapter “Knowledge, Engagement and Higher Education in Africa”, and Jerome Slamat (South Africa) is the author of the Inside Overview “Community-University Engagement in South Africa”, both published in the GUNi Report.

Some of the questions discussed were:  Is African higher education returning to its promises of the Independence eras? Is Higher Education broadening its knowledge base to include the centuries old indigenous knowledge of Africa? What does community university engagement look like in various parts of Africa? What are the unique contributions coming from Africa for the movement?

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