Strathmore University summarizes in a video the outreach programmes developed


The Community Service Center of Strathmore University has produced a video to sum up the programmes developed since 2012 with the aim of serving society through direct engagement by the students, staff and alumni.

The Community Service Center at Strathmore University, Kenya, was created with the purpose of becoming a vehicle of change in Kenya’s society through initiating projects and activities that seek to tackle problems and challenges within communities and provid solutions that improve the quality and sustainable lifestyle for these communities.

The goal of this center is to serve society through direct engagement by the students, the staff and the alumni of the University in an effort to meet the community’s varied social, economic and cultural problems.

Since its creation in 1993 the Community Outreach Program developed at the Community Service Center carried out work camps, educational, environmental and social programmes and, since 2012, an after school education support programme for those students coming from trouble neibourhoods (Macheo)

The community outreach programmes were developed in Strathmore University having in mind the following values:

Education as a pathway to development
Compassion for our neighbour through community service
Transparency and highest level of honesty in all our activities
Inclusiveness of all people from different races, ethnic background, religion and gender
Partnerships with various stakeholders for the benefit of the community

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Please see the video here.


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