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The report is a collective work in which 73 authors from all the world regions have contributed. A special mention have to be done to all them and the guest editors, as without they involvement and work in the project, for almost two years, this Report wouldn’t exist. The result is the more comprehensive document regarding the issue of Community-University Engagement at global level. GUNi want to thank to all them having join the project.

The report is structured into six sections: The context, analyses the current state of the world, and the need to link Knowledge, engagement and higher education to better respond to the challengers of our world and the pressing global issues.

The Global Issues on Knowledge, Engagement and Higher Education, presents a current analysis of the global issues on knowledge, engagement and higher education. It also includes complementary articles that offer a vision for the future on the topic.

The Report offers a comparative analysis of all regions of the word in the chapter Regional Developments. This part illustrates how the different regions have linked higher education with society trough engagement. Each region is complemented with a sub-regional analysis, a selection of trending topics, a reference to the networks related to community engagement in each region and a selection of good practices


Other key chapter is the Future Visions and Agenda for Action one. It offers broad but synthetic reflexions, based on the analysis and relationship among the different regional diagnosis, global issues and the several contributions of the Report. It aims to open mind and provide ways for action to readers.

The book also includes a Research on Knowledge, Engagement and Higher Education and The Further Reading.


You could download The Table of Contents and Authors here.


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