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Society for Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA) is an international center for learning, promotion of citizen participation and democratic governance. Since its inception in 1982, PRIA has embarked on a set of initiatives focusing on empowerment of the poor and excluded. PRIA has consistently worked on issues of citizens’ access to rights and entitlements, such as basic services in health, education and water in rural and urban areas; women’s literacy and livelihood; prevention of land alienation and displacement and workers,’ occupational health and safety. PRIA's perspectives on Community based Research, engagement with community and participatory research has generated innovative participatory methodologies.

PRIA provides opportunities to the development practitioners and students to understand Participatory Research and methodologies for Community Engagement, through PRIA International Academy (PIA), academic wing of PRIA in the following areas:
· Online courses
· Educational - Exposure visits
· Internship programs

Established in 2005, PRIA International Academy is the academic wing of PRIA, conducting educational programmes of human and social development.​

PRIA's courses are designed for mid-career development professionals who want to build their knowledge; informal adult learners who have an interest in development issues; and fresh graduates searching for a career in the development sector. Contact us through the query form on this page, or send us an email ( to receive timely information on courses.



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