Positive and alternative futures to drive sustainability in HEIs: A dialogue between Prof. Daniella Tilbury and Didac Ferrer


New podcast of the 8th GUNi World Report Special Issue is out now!

Reinventing universities for a sustainable future must become a core mission of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) all over the world, and so it is, of course, one of the key topics of the 8th Higher Education in the World Report (HEIW). At GUNi, we are willing to foster action and engage HEIs towards Sustainable Development (SD).

Through this compilation of publications, GUNi presents paths for immediate action when it comes to SD. In this case, we present a podcast with the expertise and voices of Professor Daniella Tilbury, an academic leader and change maker credited with having developed the initial frameworks for higher education in the field of SD, and Didac Ferrer, Head of the Innovation and Community Office of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

Prof. Tilbury defends the importance of drawing from the positive and alternative futures, and leaving fear behind, to achieve a real transformation. She calls HEIs to become innovation hubs for new sustainable ways of living: HEIs must be more experimental and be ready to break the moulds through “decisive, brave leadership” from the top management.

In this podcast, Ferrer and Tilbury explore some best practices and future scenarios that we hope will enlighten and influence HEIs to make a real impact by committing with concepts such as transformation, inclusiveness and, overall, with Sustainable Development.
More content on Sustainable Development coming soon at https://www.guni-call4action.org/report-2022


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