More than 150 people participated on the “Seminar on Volunteerism” organized at the American International University – Bangladesh


This event was promoted by the Engineering Student's Association of Bangladesh AIUB Unit Face (ESAB-AIUB UF) and aimed to motivate participants to volunteer and share the experiences and activities of the Association on this field.  

Last March 22 was held the Seminar on Volunteerism organized by the ESAB-AIUB UF. This event was addressed to all students interested in volunteering in the different activities developed by the ESAB AIUB UF.

During this seminar, participants had the opportunity to share ideas and experiences regarding volunteerism within different organizations. Among the speakers was Dr. Tabin Hasan, Head of the Graduate Program from the Department of Computer Science of the AIUB, which highlighted the effort of the volunteerism “as a unique platform for skill development, socialization” and “the power of working unit composed of people of vast mind-sets”.

The Seminar on Volunteerism” also developed an interactive session in this area, where participants and AIUB UF members reinforced their network, encouraging a better involvement on the projects performed by the association. The Program Coordination, Development and Planning Secretary Central Executive Committee from ESAB, Mashurur H. Shurid, motivated the audience through a speech explaining the process of event managements to the participants.

The closing ceremony was in charge of the coordinator of ESAB-AIUB UF, Mr. SK. Abu Rohan which gave an informative talk regarding volunteerism at the ESAB.

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  • UNESCO. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • The Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP)

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