Jimma University organizes a Social Accountability Training Programme


The Programme is led by the Social Accountability Programme in Ethiopia, which selected Jimma University for its commitment to Community-Based Education.

The Ethiopia Social Accountability Programme (ESAP2) organized at the Jimma University College of Law and Governance a capacity development training programme between February 5-7. The JU's commitment to social accountability by initiating or participating in training, research and services at local, national and international levels through its Community-Based Education philosophy has been very well-evaluated by ESAP2, which has select this institution to host the programme.

The aim of the training was to improve the understanding of capacity development, and to step beyond the traditional training approaches and move towards results and change. Furthermore, it aimed to demonstrate the necessity for good governance and participation to enhance the trust between governments and citizens. In order to build trust, governments need to communicate in a transparent way about past and future decisions and actions. Governments; however, should not only inform but also involve citizens. The ideas and opinions that they put forward in policy-making and implementation processes provide valuable input for improving the quality of local policies and services.

Several issues were discussed at this programme; some of which are: How can municipalities increase social and financial accountability towards their citizens? What are the different steps for communication and participation in the policy process? How to promote integrity and transparency? How will the accountability chain be sustained? How to develop the participation ladder? and related issues.

In conclusion, a consensus was reached on employing the university’s community based education as a platform to reach the social accountability program to the community.

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  • UNESCO. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • The Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP)

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