GUNi welcomes the Academy of Health Sciences (Syria) as an associated institution


The Academy of Health Sciences (Syria) became an associated institution of the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNi) last 4th of April 2019.

The Academy of Health Sciences is an academic, not-for-profit, private  institution of higher education established in 2011 in Syria with the charter granted by the Council of Higher Education. The stated aim of the academy is to work in close partnership with the national, regional and international academic entities and institutions on the bases of mutual understanding in addition to provide high education medical studies for students. Currently, Academy of Health Sciences has been running School of Paramedics, School of Nursing and School of Physical Therapy. The academy has adopted a curriculum that emphasizes on academic health and academic teaching.

Academy of Health Sciences is committed to permanent strengthening of the capacity of its constituents in achieving high academic standards and providing quality education to the students in the process of their professional development and acquisition of professional competencies. It is expected that the enhancement and assurance of quality, as an important strategic commitment, shall facilitate stronger development as well as specific national and international distinction and excellence. The quality of education provided to its students, the quality of teaching staff and teaching, scientific research, artistic activities and professional work, with notable contribution to the regional and national development, recognized at an international level are considered by the Academy as the key determinants of its competitiveness and appeal.

The academy is also committed to encouraging equality and diversity among students, and eliminating unlawful discrimination with the aim of having students as truly representative of all sections of society.
Academy of Health Sciences is also committed against unlawful discrimination of students or staff.

If you wish to know more about the mission, values and projects or contact directly the institution please visit the website:

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