GUNi participates in the Global High Level Policy Forum: Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education for the Future We Want


This Forum was organized by UNESCO in partnership with the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE)

Last June 9-11was held the Global High Level Policy Forum: Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education for the Future We Want where more than 150 participants from more than 50 countries discussed, under the framework of the Incheon and Qingdao declarations, on the challenges and pressures that a growing demand and an increasing competition for resources are putting on higher education, and the special role that is expected in this context for open and distance higher education.

The World Education Forum 2015, 19-22 May 2015, Incheon, Republic of Korea, adopted the Incheon Declaration - Education 2030: Towards inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning for all.

The Qingdao Declaration agreed 23 - 25 May outlines how technology can be used to achieve educational targets for equity, access, quality and lifelong learning in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that will be used to coordinate international development for the next 15 years. See the UNESCO pages on the Qingdao Declaration.

In the opinion of the Non-Executive Director of GUNi, Francesc Xavier Grau a general sweet-and-sour feeling was flying all over the conference: there is a great opportunity for the open and distant education community, to develop a systematic approach that will increase quality assurance and, thus, reliability, but there is the real risk of being developed as an alternative higher education scheme for those societies that cannot afford the growing demand with traditional, and expensive, universities. There is a global issue there that is worthwhile to take into account in the framework of the 6th HEIW GUNi Report that is already on its way.

The meeting ended with the unanimous approval of the Paris Declaration. For further information access here.



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