GUNi call for contributions! Higher Education after the COVID-19 Crisis


Higher Education after the Covid-19 Crisis. Call for contributions is now open! Submit your contribution and join our initiative to build and share knowledge in the post-crisis situation.

GUNi call for contributions! Higher Education after the COVID-19 Crisis

The world will not be the same after this crisis. New expectations will be put on higher education institutions in terms of their links to communities, teaching, international strategies and mobility and in terms of values themselves. Evidently, higher education institutions will have to operate in a very different economic, social and political climate. The crisis might as well give us the opportunity to improve and grow, with a stronger focus on public service and social responsibility.

At the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNi), we have set out to create a special section for joint reflection given the current context that demands new questions and answers, and probably new values and criteria for teaching, for research and for the internal governance and organization of HEIs. The reflections and ideas developed will be key for the edition of the Higher Education in the World Report-Special Issue on “The Future of Universities and the Universities of the Future” that will be published in late 2021.

To start with this process, we would like to kick off a joint reflection on the current context. The call for contributions "Higher Education after the Covid-19 Crisis: a GUNi initiative to build and share knowledge all over the world" is now open. Submit your contribution!


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