Call for contributions for the UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022 (WHEC2022) is open


Organisations and alliances are invited to produce and share knowledge, research, practices or impactful ideas to enhance higher education institutions and systems, locally and internationally for the UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022 (WHEC2022), which will take place from 18 to 20 May 2022 in Barcelona. The invitation is open to diverse entities (within and outside the UN system) willing to establish a partnership with UNESCO under the purpose and main themes of the WHEC2022. 

  • Read the general contribution guidelines and download the related forms.
  • National Commissions: read the specific contribution guidelines and download the related forms.
  • UNESCO Chairs and Networks: read the specific contribution guidelines and download the related forms.
  • Special call for youth participation! The Youth Platform is an open-access virtual and vibrant community under the UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022 (WHEC2022). The WHEC2022 Youth Platform lets youth contribute to the redefinition of higher education and its future demands by participating actively in various activities, taking action and producing knowledge pre-conference during the conference and beyond.
    Youth engagement strategy: presentation - concept note.
  • Survey for university professors: Life for university professors can be tough, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. This is why UNESCO is conducting a worldwide study to explore the critical factors behind work exhaustion and risk of burning out in university professors. If you are a university professor, complete this survey and help UNESCO identify and create actionable strategies to prevent burnout and protect the wellbeing of professors at work. Results will be presented at the Conference and you can be a part of this important initiative. Your response will contribute to improving the lives of thousands of professors worldwide.

Send your contribution via email to! Deadline for applications: 15th March 2022 at 11:59pm CET

The WHEC2022 is organised by UNESCO in partnership with GUNi/ACUP, with the support of the Spanish government, the Government of Catalonia, the Barcelona Provincial Council and the Barcelona City Council. We are very honoured to be UNESCO’s main partner in the organization and celebration of such an event. The Conference is a unique opportunity for the higher education sector all over the world.


  • UNESCO. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • The Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP)

Sponsored by

  • Generalitat de Catalunya. Ministry of Business and Employment. Department of Research and Universities
  • Generalitat de Catalunya. Ministry for Foreign Action and Open Government