Call for case studies - Higher education partnerships for societal impact


If your institution or organization is involved in partnerships that contribute to societal development, make sure to respond to the IAU Call for case studies and benefit from this opportunity to present your work and profile your institution among participants from all over the world at the IAU 2018 International Conference. Deadline: 10 April 2018.

Higher education institutions engage with society and in a variety of ways. Partnerships with civil society, the private sector, the local authorities and decision-makers or between HEIs take on numerous forms and shapes. The kind of partnership developed and the way it is managed impact on the ways in which universities contribute to the development of their societies, as do the national context, the type of institution they are and the specific challenges they face.

To complement the plenary sessions that will discuss the roles that universities play in society, several breakout sessions will be organized at the IAU 2018 International Conference. They will allow showcasing different types of partnerships contributing to the development of society, to share experiences and inspire new ideas among the conference participants coming from all regions of the world.

If your institution or organization is engaged in partnerships fostering societal impact and you wish to showcase your experience and work, please submit a short description of the partnership and its impact to IAU before 10 April 2018.


  • UNESCO. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • The Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP)

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