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Universiti Teknology Malaysia
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University of Technology Malaysia


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UTM Skudai, 81310 Johor
Asia and The Pacific
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+607 - 5530692
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Mission / Vision

To be a leader in the development of human capital and innovative technologies that will contribute to the nation's wealth creation


  1. Contribute  to human capital development by providing quality educatiob
  2. Provide leadership & contribution thorugh research & innovation
  3. achieve desirable image & branding that fulfills the requirements of stakeholders

Main activities

The university has set up a unit called the University Social responsibility under the Office of Corporate Affairs. The UTM USR for community engagement and outreach is the mechanism thorugh which UTM achieves the goal of engaging with the community and contributing through basic functions such as community service, social outreach, technology transfer, and knowledge sharing whether at the UTM strategic level or in project-specific contexts

Our UTM USR vision with the tagline "ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE", recognizes individuals both asproductive, educated citizens and as potential agents of change. Activities of the UTM USR programme involve planning and implementing multidisciplinary, university-level community inititatives. The unit also acts as a one-stop centre for community outreach nationally and internationally. we have more than 50 projects which involve community work by our students and staff at natinal and international level. Among UTM's international initiative and contribution include UTM's participation in rebuilding and rehabilitation of earthquake hit areas in Indonesia.

Access, equity and quality

UTM takes the rights of its students and staff seriously regardless of their background as prescribed by the concept 1 Malaysia in all its activities and endevours.  The university embraced the concept of inclusiveness and is committed that all sections of its diverse student population had the opportunity to engage all its academic and social activities. To increase its accessibility to sections of  community; the university provides an alternative learning opportunity through part time programs and executive programs offered its School of Professional and Continuing Education (UTMSPACE) for those who had the right qualification but are not able to attend a normal university program due to various personal or economic reasons. To date more 10,000 students have achieved qualification through this alternative path since the start of UTMSPACE programs in 1996.

Opening up higher education to society

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, UTM has established the University Social Responsibility initiative which is committed to contribute to the community through social engagement and outreach. Efforts have been geared towards impactful contribution such as the initiative taken to alleviate the suffering of  victims of natural disasters like the tsunami victims in Acheh and earthquake victims in Sumatera, to mention a few. Initiatives include the contribution of expertise in technology application by the volunteer group among staff and students, for example, the adoption of simple technology of water filtration for the tsunami victims in Acheh. In the local scene, UTM is directly contributing to the community in need such as building houses for the poor using the Fast Track Wall Technology , which is a method of construction introduced by the UTM Construction Research Alliance. UTM is also directly involved helping the state government in social and economic research issues related to the Iskandar Development Region, the southern economic

Higher education's role in addressing major global challenges

The university management issues are discussed in the University Management Group represented by the university leadership at all levels. Issues are resolved through consensus. UTM also encourages teamwork culture among staff and students through the 1 Malaysia 1 UTM concept, with unity in purpose in the spirit of togetherness through first class mentality, effective work culture and efficient delivery system, in addition to a strong spirit of sacrifice and drive to change to make a difference.


UTM has also come up with what is called the UTM Innovation Package which includes, among others:    

  • The UTM Innovation Policy
  • Acknowledgment from the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia on the Innovative Research University concept to be adopted by UTM as the basis of knowledge expansion
  • Restructuring of key units at the university such as UTM Holdings and the Innovation and Commercialisation Centre (ICC)
  • Innovative Council and Innovative Committee to encourage innovative initiatives at all levels
  • Providing awareness on innovative-led economy among UTM staff via training, CPD, 3 innovative ideas per staff per year, incentives
  • Training of 300 innovative leaders a year through collaboration with Stanford Research Institute SRI International, USA and IMD, Switzerland
  • Inculcating an innovative ecosystem through the UTM tagline,’Inspiring Creative and Innovative Minds, and contributing to the UTM Idea Bank
  • Creating an innovative ecosystem among students, for example through the Innovative Orientation Week Programme, Business Plan / Innovative Project competition, and Innovative entrepreneurship programme module
  • Encouraging innovation as way of life, for example through innovative social activities
  • Encouraging more innovative R&D through collaboration with industry partners, venture capital grants, etc.
  • Enhancing UTM support to the country’s wealth generation through creativity and innovation through promotion of UTM intellectual property assets

Higher education's contribution to sustainability

UTM is committed towards the reduction of environmental carbon footprint by adopting sustainable practices towards a 'green university', which include resource conservation, effective waste management and reduction, energy saving initiatives, cycling activities, prohibition of the use of plastic bottles and polystyrene packages, while encouraging healthy living and promoting wellness programmes. New building projects also subscribe to the green building index.


UTM is also set to be an Eco-tourism Campus. With the support of the Eco Tourism Unit of the university, UTM offers interesting and exciting tour packages on campus where visitors can indulge in activities like horseriding, bird watching, canoeing, fishing, punting, jungle trekking, cycling, to name a few. UTM subscribes to the premise that creativity and innovation can best be inspired through a conducive and sustainable environment amidst a relaxed and green ambience that instills a passion for knowledge and life-long learning.

Social responsibility within higher education

As Malaysia’s premier university in engineering and technology, UTM has long established its reputation as the largest contributor to the technical and professional workforce of the nation since its inception in 1904. Through the knowledge, skills and expertise of its graduates, UTM ensures that basic living standards are guaranteed guided by sustainable practices to ensure healthy living programmes and creating conducive living environments. UTM also ensures graduate competency and employability and providing a workforce that will be able to function effectively and stay relevant in the present global environment that is becoming more challenging and competitive. UTM as a graduate-focused university also ensures that research and development activities will continue to flourish in a dynamic way to contribute towards the country’s development as a value-driven and innovation-led nation with strong entrepreneurial values. Quality and top-notch academics and quality student intake will create a fertile intellectual ecosystem in a vibrant teaching, learning and research environment that will inspire innovation and creativity. Public safety assurance is also guaranteed through, for example, the formation of the Transformation and Risk Management Unit of the university.


  • UNESCO. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • The Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP)

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  • Generalitat de Catalunya. Ministry of Business and Employment. Department of Research and Universities
  • Generalitat de Catalunya. Ministry for Foreign Action and Open Government