Universitat de Girona

HE Institution
Year of foundation: 
Member since: 
Girona University


Institutional postal address: 
Plaça Sant Domènec, 3. Girona

Mission / Vision

The creation and transfer of knowledge, teaching and learning with the desire to be a reference in the Mediterranean Pyrenees and an institution well positioned in Europe


The UDG aims to be recognized and characterized by the following guidelines:

  • Singularization: by boosting the aspects that make the University more attractive, from the knowledge of our own reality and context.
  • Governance: by having the structures and mechanisms most appropriate for the University to achieve its goals.
  • Planning: for the effective and efficient implementation of policies and foresight as a tool for changing realities.
  • Sustainability: as the result of a careful planning to ensure present and future viability of the proposed actions.
  • Professionalism: as a key factor for the contribution of people to the University's project and  its efficient projection.
  • Internationalization: as the vocation of openness to the generation and transmission of knowledge in a global context and as a principle of enrichment through the exchange of people and ideas.
  • Entrepreneurship: by having an attitude oriented to advancement, innovation and improvement.
  • Attention to diversity: as the guiding principle for understanding the social and cultural differences.
  • Equal opportunities: as the basic right of people to strengthen the public character of the UDG.

Main activities

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Teaching & Learning
  • UdG as a social referent
  • Organization and resource management  

Curricular innovation in higher education institutions (HEIs)

Since 2005 the University of Girona has developed its own teaching management  model following the lines of the Bologna Process. Nowadays and after six years of work, all the courses in the UdG apply to this model, based on the concept of competence and assuring a real link between each competence, learning activities and contents.


In 2010 the UdG has sgned an agreement with a spin-off company with the aim of transfering its own software named "Teaching management tools" to the educational market.


  • UNESCO. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • The Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP)

Sponsored by

  • Generalitat de Catalunya. Ministry of Business and Employment. Department of Research and Universities
  • Generalitat de Catalunya. Ministry for Foreign Action and Open Government