Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (National University of Cuyo)

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National University of Cuyo
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Universidad Nacional de Cuyo


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CICUNC - Ala Sur, Centro Universitario. C.P M 5502 JMA | Mendoza - Argentina
Latin America and Caribbean
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+54 261 4135000 - ext: 67535

Mission / Vision

The UNCuyo assumes education as a public, free and secular good, as a human right and a State’s obligation. It aims to the construction of citizenship through the training of artists, teachers, scientists, professionals so as to contribute to a fairer society. It produces, develops, adapts and exchanges knowledge, practice, technology based on social needs. It develops its main activities with inclusion, excellence and propriety.


The main goal of the National University of Cuyo in Mendoza, Argentina, is the development and dissemination of cultural expressions through academic teaching, scientific research, technical and professional training, and the promotion of ethic and esthetic values.

Main activities

Research: UNCUYO strongly promotes the development of research work, scientific, technological and artistic production and communication targeted to relevant social and scientific problems, maximizing research quality and relevance.

Continuing Education: The University carries out activities that foster a space for dialogue and socio-cultural interaction in which knowledge is recreated and modified in its articulation with society.

Liaison: As a higher education institution, it also deals with the creation and strengthening of liaisons which engage public and private stakeholders with the participation of the entire academic community.

Socio-territorial projects: The University finances initiatives that promote university social commitment and contribute to the social and academic inclusion of socially vulnerable sectors through actions that contribute to improving the situation of these sectors.

University Life: UNCUYO offers services and benefits complementary to academic life that aim to improve the quality of life of the university community.

International Relations: UNCuyo aims to become a global university that promotes values and international competences in the educational community. To this effect, we work on mobility programs for students, teachers and staff; international research projects; international seminars; internationalization programs at home;double-diploma programmes, among others.

Curricular innovation in higher education institutions (HEIs)

Curricular innovation in higher education: UNCUYO, through the Secretariat for Research, International Relations and Postgraduate Courses (SIIP), manages activities that aim to provide the academic community with the possibility of internationalizing the curriculum and the university curriculum through courses, seminars, webinars and mobilities.

●      Training and Updating Cycle on the Challenges of University Internationalization

●      Training course for Teachers and Researchers "Strategies for the Internationalization of the Curriculum"

●      Call for the Internationalization of curricular spaces in undergraduate courses

Opening up higher education to society

The nexus between the University and Society is the main core of our University. With this purpose, the UNCUYO promotes activities and programs that strengthen the cultural and artistic development of the province and promote the university inclusion in the social, political, scientific and cultural debates by providing an analytical opinion. To do so, the UNCUYO launched recently its Innovation Center, a project funded by the CAF - Development Bank of Latin America. It is intended for the development of large and small collaborative projects between different actors in society, building bridges between research production and strategic industries for local development.

Higher education's role in addressing major global challenges

Development of actions in order to improve education in all of its levels and modalities.

Higher education's contribution to sustainability

UNCUYO's new strategic plan for 2030 is based on the SDGs’ Agenda. In this sense, various actions are carried out, such as:

●      Institute of Environmental Sciences (ICA): This institute works with the aim of providing a multidisciplinary approach to the search, proposal, implementation and monitoring of social, educational, technical-legal and economically viable responses to the emerging environmental problems that compromise the preservation of environmental quality. This requires the concurrence of the different areas of knowledge of our University.

●      UNCUYO separates its waste: The Project seeks, in the short term, to carry out a comprehensive treatment of the waste produced at the University through separation, classification and subsequent recycling.

●      The university seeks to actively participate in projects related to the Circular Economy in conjunction with other partner universities, as well as municipalities and other local actors.

●      Training on how to implement the SDGs for students, teachers and staff.

Social responsibility within higher education

Development of permanent mechanisms to eliminate social, cultural and educational gaps. Strengthening of distance learning and IT. Development and strengthening of scholarships programs and welfare services.


  • UNESCO. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • The Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP)

Sponsored by

  • Generalitat de Catalunya. Ministry of Business and Employment. Department of Research and Universities
  • Generalitat de Catalunya. Ministry for Foreign Action and Open Government