Universidad Internacional de Andalucía

Universidad Internacional de Andalucía
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International University of Andalucía


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Rectorado Monasterio Santa María de las Cuevas Americo Vespucio 2. Isla de La Cartuja Sevilla - 41092
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0034 954 462 299

Mission / Vision

The UNIA is a Public University part of the Andalusian University System, open, focusing on graduate studies, committed to the development of its surroundings, with a will to cooperate at international level and in solidarity terms, especially with Latin America and the Maghreb, which meets with quality, quickness, flexibility and innovative guidance the emerging challenges of modern society in the different fields of science, technology, culture and arts.


• A University for graduate education and new technologies

A University oriented to the implementation of graduate studies within the
Andalusian university system.
An Institution with an international and solidarity-based focus, promoting higher
education and research in developing countries.
A University of reference in the use of new technologies and technological innovation
fundamentally applied to virtual education for professionals.
A University capable of bringing together its former students and alumni, keeping its
links with them, promoting their collaboration and getting them involved in its

• A University committed to the principles and objectives of cooperation

A University of reference in international cooperation, especially in Latin America,
Northern Africa and the Mediterranean basin.
A University with a string international presence, which diversifies its activities to
perform solidarity-based cooperation.
A University that cooperates with other Universities and is capable of setting up and
promoting university exchange and collaboration networks.

• A University for culture and innovative thinking

A space open to different forms of culture, knowledge and cooperation, which
structures itself as a permanent forum for discussion and exchange of ideas, and that
is acknowledged in its surroundings for its excellence in the production and
dissemination of knowledge and culture.
University that promotes discussion and research on contemporary thinking and art.

• A University for the progress of its surroundings

An Institution with fluent communication mechanisms with other institutions,
organizations and citizen groups in its surroundings.
A University that without forgetting its international focus, promotes collaboration
with local entities and stakeholders, according to its clear public service compromise
by and for Andalusians.
A University that promotes technological innovation and supports research lines and
projects with a strategic interest for its surroundings.
A University committed to multi-culturality and human rights, targeting its resources
as to collaborate in the education of citizens in order to build a fairer and more
egalitarian and tolerant society.
A University involved in the innovation and modernisation process of its surroundings,
keeping its commitment to the economic and productive fabric of Andalusia.

• A flexible, dynamic, agile and appropriate University

A flexible University capable of adapting to social changes and that focuses on
quality in all of its academic proposals, committed to ongoing evaluation and
A University committed to the application of new technologies in all its management
A University whose staff, highly trained and motivated, participates and is involved in
the overall objectives of the Institution.

Main activities

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  • UNESCO. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • The Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP)

Sponsored by

  • Generalitat de Catalunya. Ministry of Business and Employment. Department of Research and Universities
  • Generalitat de Catalunya. Ministry for Foreign Action and Open Government