Kazan Innovative University named after V.G. Timiryasov (IEML)

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Kazan Innovative University named after V.G. Timiryasov (IEML)
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Казанский инновационный университет им. В.Г. Тимирясова (ИЭУП)


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42 Moskovskaya str., Kazan, 420111, Russia
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+7 843 231-92-90

Mission / Vision


-Meeting the needs of individuals, society and the state to obtain knowledge on the basis of continuing education that meets modern requirements for innovative development and modernization of education and science;
-Training competent and competitive professionals of new formation able to develop science, business, to make effective decisions and conduct specific research that is consistently of national standing and benefit;
-Creating necessary conditions for implementation and effective use of innovative educational technologies and scientific results;
-Educating professionally competent, socially active and socially responsible persons.



-Educational activity in the sphere of higher and extended education;
-Vocational education;
-Realization of education, retraining and/or advanced training of specialists, employees of certain sphere of professional activity, spending of fundamental and applied scientific researches.  

Main activities


-Vocational education (education of middle-level professionals);
-Higher education (programs of Bachelor Degree);
-Higher education (programs of Master’s Degree);
-Higher education (programs of Postgraduate study);
-Professional education;
-Extended education.

Curricular innovation in higher education institutions (HEIs)


-Electronic educational environment IDis and Moodle system
-Using of program approaches of distant cooperation of lectures and students  on base of Avaya Scopia Desktop
-Interindustry 8: Scientific and Research Project Institute
-Laboratory of mathematical creation of social, ecological and natural process
-Laboratory of communication systems researches “Cisco”
-Laboratory of three dimensional multimedia environments researches
-Laboratory of financial markets monitoring
-Scientific and Educational Laboratory “Business Incubator”
-Scientific and educational laboratory “Business-idea”
-Scientific and Educational Laboratory “Business Incubator”
-Volga Regional Branch of European Organization for Quality

Opening up higher education to society


-Opened doors days, presentation of University for society
-Publishing House “Knowledge"
-University’s newspaper “Vestnik Universiteta”
-Social networks (Facebook, Instagram, VK)

Higher education's role in addressing major global challenges


-Participant of the Scientific and Educational Cluster in the sphere of trade, industry of hospitality and service
-Participant of the “Info Communication and Contacts” Educational Cluster
-Federal innovative platform realizing education and training of specialists in the sphere of purchase of goods, services for state and municipal needs providing
-Innovative platform for creation successive system of inclusive education

Higher education's contribution to sustainability


-Volga Region Center for Law Conciliation (Mediation)
-Psychological Centre «Eventus»
-Scientific Research Institute for Social Philosophy
-International Center for Inclusive Education

Social responsibility within higher education


-Psychological Centre «Eventus»
-Academy of Art and Development "Constellation of Talents"
-Center of Adaptation, Rehabilitation and ReSocialization “VERA”


  • UNESCO. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • The Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP)

Sponsored by

  • Generalitat de Catalunya. Ministry of Business and Employment. Department of Research and Universities
  • Generalitat de Catalunya. Ministry for Foreign Action and Open Government