Federal University DutsinMa

Federal University DutsinMa
HE Institution
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Federal University DutsinMa


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FEDERAL UNIVERSITY DUTSINMA PMB 5001 Dutsin-Ma Katsina State Nigeria

Mission / Vision

The vision of Federal university, Dutsin-ma is ‘to be a top ranking, world-class University, committed to excellence in research and the production of a generation of leaders with passion for service’.

The mission of Federal University, Dutsin-ma is ‘to create knowledge, impart it to transform the human being, deploy it to grow the economy and solve local and global challenges, and do so in partnership and with integrity’.


  • to encourage the advancement of learning and to hold out to all persons without distinction of race, creed, sex or political conviction the opportunity of acquiring higher and liberal education;
  • to provide courses of instruction and other facilities for the pursuit of learning in all its branches, and to make those facilities available on proper terms to such persons as are equipped to benefit from them;
  • to encourage and promote scholarship and conduct research in restricted fields of learning and human endeavour;
  • to relate its activities to the social, cultural and economic needs of the people of Nigeria; and
  • undertake any other activity appropriate for a university of the highest standard.

The striking features in the logo of the Federal University, Dutsin-ma are some rocks, a wheel and a calf. Also included in the logo is a fine blend of carefully selected colours to signify the focus and integrity of the university.

Main activities

Teaching research, extension and community service


  • UNESCO. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • The Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP)

Sponsored by

  • Generalitat de Catalunya. Ministry of Business and Employment. Department of Research and Universities
  • Generalitat de Catalunya. Ministry for Foreign Action and Open Government