Higher Education after the COVID-19 crisis

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The current health crisis that we are experiencing due to Covid-19, and the economic and social crises that are already on their way, put ourselves in a new, unexpected and complex context. Issues and challenges that we were already discussing such as the contradictions of globalization, technological development and power, environmental crisis, crisis of democracies and the welfare state, poverty and rampant inequality, crisis of international institutions, crisis of values... will become more apparent and widespread. The world will not be the same after this crisis, we will not be the same after this crisis, and higher education institutions and higher education systems will not be the same after this crisis. In the post-crisis situation, new expectations will be put on higher education institutions in terms of the links in the communities, in terms of teaching, in terms of international strategies and mobility, etc and in terms of values themselves. Evidently, higher education institutions will have to operate in a very different economic, social and political climate.

At GUNi, we have set out to launch a Higher Education in the World Report-Special Issue on “the future of universities and the universities of the future”, given the current context that demands new answers, and probably new values and criteria for teaching, for research and for the internal governance and organization of HEIs. 


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