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Higher Education in the World (HEIW) is a collective work published as part of the GUNi Series on the Social Commitment of Universities. It is the result of a global and regional analysis of higher education in the world. With a specific subject chosen for each edition, the Report reflects on the key issues and challenges facing higher education and its institutions in the 21st century. More than 600 internationally renewed authors from 100 countries have contributed in the GUNi Reports. 19.000 copies have been distributed in 130 countries.
The last GUNi Higher Education in the World Report (HEIW7) was launched in December 2019 and it was devoted to the future of the humanities and the relation between science and humanities at the beginning of the 21st Century.
GUNi is working on the elaboration and edition of a “Special Issue” of the GUNi Higher Education in the World Report series, called “GUNi World Report-Special Issue - New Visions for Higher Education Institutions towards 2030”. This Report will be officially presented and launched at the UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022 (WHEC2022) in Barcelona and will constitute the springboard to the GUNi International Call For Action (2022-2025) project. Read more here.

The Report is essential reading for university leaders, academics, administrators and policy-makers concerned with all the issues relating to the role of higher education.

Until now GUNi has published seven issues plus a synthesis (2009) requested by UNESCO for the World Conference on Higher Education (Paris, 2009). The series include the following titles:


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