• GUNi Newsletter January 2023 - Citizen Science: Democratising Knowledge: Highlighted contents from the 8th GUNi World Report

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  • GUNi Newsletter May 2022 - Official presentation of the 8th GUNi World Report: The new GUNi Report sets out the horizons of transformation of higher education for the coming years and prepares a new vision to drive change

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  • UNESCO 3rd World Higher Education Conference (WHEC2021) on October 7-9th, 2021 in partnership with GUNi, GUNi World Report-Special Issue - New Visions for Higher Education Institutions towards 2030, our brand new brochure and other news.

  • Higher Education after the COVID-10 Crisis, new publications on SDGs, 7th Higher Education in the World Report Humanities and Higher Education HEIW7, and news from UNESCO Futures of Education, TeRRIFICA and TEFCE projects.

  • Higher Education after the COVID-19 Crisis: A GUNi initiative to build and share knowledge all over the world. Open call for contributions.

  • The importance of the synergies between Science, Technology and Humanities, main focus of the GUNi International Conference.

  • Humanities in Higher Education: Generating Synergies between Science, Technology and Humanities

  • Global Pressing Problems and the Sustainable Development Goals

  • 2017 GUNi’s projects, engaging Higher Education for social responsability

  • The global (and Catalan?) 2030 Agenda

  • Beyond rhetoric. Some obstacles for a responsible glocal university

  • The best tool for development

  • GUNi Seminar on “Regional competitiveness and universities. The role of universities in regional strategies for smart specialization in Europe”

  • The “Glocal” University

  • GUNi joins the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site Knowledge Center

  • Knowledge, engagement and higher education, a matter of social responsibility

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  • GUNi celebrates its Academic Seminar at the University of Victoria

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  • Defining social responsibility: a matter of philosophical urgency for universities

  • November 2012

    GUNi Research Project on Community-University Engagement

  • Empowering Students For A More Sustainable University

  • Higher Education, Environment and Sustainability in Latin America and The Caribbean

  • Sustainability and Higher Education in Asia and the Pacific

  • Community-University Engagement in 2030. A scenario

  • Building World-Class Universities in China: From the View of National Strategies


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