Join the network

GUNi welcomes higher education institutions, research centers in higher education, networks and other institutions related to higher education whose activity is:
  • Committed to GUNi mission and goals.
  • Devoted to the strengthening of the role of higher education in society.
  • Linked to innovation in higher education under a vision of public service, relevance and social responsibility.
  • Involved in innovative projects underlining its commitment with human and social perspective of the concept of development.

Types of memberships

  • Institutional members: full membership.
  • Associated institutions: some entities that share ideas and areas of interest related to the mission of GUNi, but do not meet all the requirements for full membership, could establish ties of cooperation to the network through this associated institution category.


To apply for the GUNi membership, please complete the Membership application form and send it signed to

Benefits of being a member

  • Be part of a global network created and supported by UNESCO and the United Nations University, dealing with state of the art of innovative processes in higher education in the world.
  • Network with analogous institutions at local, regional and international levels who share the vision of public service, relevance and social responsibility of higher education.
  • Reach out to a highly specialized audience with whom you can share your new publications, articles and research, as well as announce your international events. Find in GUNi a platform to disseminate your work.

  • Be part of  the Higher Education in the World Report, a collective work published as part of the GUNi Series on the Social Commitment of Universities. 
  • Attend the GUNi conferences at a reduced fee and enjoy priority treatment in the selection of speakers. Renowned international speakers and an average of 400 participants in each edition, from near 80 countries, join this international forum for debate on the challenges facing HE.
  • Be part of a motivated, highly recognized and committed community that works together to strengthen the role of HE and knowledge in society, with the objectives of anticipating and responding to the pressing global and local challenges of our time.


Terms and conditions


Institutional members

The following institutions can apply for GUNi membership:

  • The UNESCO Chairs in higher education.

  • Higher education institutions.

  • Research Centres in higher education.

  • Networks related to higher education.

  • Other UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks established within the UNESCO / UNITWIN program.

The following requirements must be accomplished by GUNi members:

  • The institution must be legally established, recognized or accredited by the competent authorities.

  • The applicant entity must have juridical entity.

  • The activity of the institution must be related to higher education.

  • The institution is not listed as unaccredited school, scam school or degree supplier or it is not considered illegal, unlawful, unacceptable, fraudulent or substandard according to the competent authorities.

  • The institution must be older than 8 years old (with the exception of UNESCO Chairs established by UNESCO).

  • The institution must be listed in the World Higher Education Database.

Other considerations:

GUNi can only accept one member per higher education institution.  It can be an institutional membership or a chair, faculty, research centre, etc. But, in any case, cannot be accepted more than one entity with the same juridical entity.

Associated institutions

Some entities may establish ties of cooperation, because they share ideas and issues with the GUNi Network.

The following institutions can apply as GUNi associated institutions:

  • Foundations, NGOs and civil society organizations related to higher education.

  • Other institutions linked to GUNi Network: Organizations that are not strictly linked to higher education but who share values, ideals and interests and / or areas of work with GUNi wishing to establish links and collaboration. For example:

  • Institutions linked to UNESCO, the UNU or the United Nations.

  • Institutions working on development issues, sustainability, values and human rights and social change.

The following requirements must be accomplished by GUNi kindred entities:

  • The institution must be legally established, recognized or accredited by the competent authorities and according to its nature.

  • The applicant entity must have juridical entity.

  • The institution must be older than 5 years old.


  • UNESCO. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • The Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP)

Sponsored by

  • Generalitat de Catalunya. Ministry of Business and Employment. Department of Research and Universities
  • Generalitat de Catalunya. Ministry for Foreign Action and Open Government