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March 2013
The new agenda for the transformation of higher education in Latin America
In this article, Axel Didriksson presents, from an analytical and programmatic perspective, the existing debate for a new agenda of transformation of higher education in Latin America and the Caribbean by analyzing its main features and components.
GUNi celebrates its Academic Seminar at the University of Victoria (Canada)
The event took place last 6-7 March, 2013, with the objective to develop a collaborative debate on the regional articles for the upcoming GUNi report. The Seminar followed the events of the public launch of the UNESCO Chair in Community-Based Research at UVic
UNESCO leads Post-2015 Global Thematic Consultation on Education
The Global Meeting on Education in the Post-2015 Agenda convened last 18-19 March 2013 in Dakar, Senegal
David M. Malone, new Rector of United Nations University in Tokyo
Dr. Malone succeeds Professor Konrad Osterwalder, a Swiss physicist who has served as UNU Rector since 2007
Vice-chancellor of University of Ilorin gives a public lecture at Harvard University
The presentation was entitled 'Higher Education and its Challenges in Developing Countries: the Nigerian Experience'
Arab Open University to organize Conference on Open Learning
The event will take place in Kuwait on 25-27 November 2013
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia hosts meeting for University-Industry-Community Engagement in Malaysia
This gathering discussed the roles, functions, governance and reward systems as well as funding support for University-Industry-Community engagement in Malaysian public universities
The University of Sarajevo participates in the “Quality in Research” Tempus Project's Consortium Meeting
The University of Sarajevo has the role of holder and coordinator in four Tempus projects, being "Quality in Research” one of them
AUGM organized the Encuentro de Redes Universitarias sobre nuevo Pensamiento Latinoamericano en Desarrollo
In the event, universities from 6 different countries in Latin America as well as several students enrolled in Development studies debated on the importance of knowledge in Latin America for development
Arizona State University to co-organize Conference in China
The event, co-organized by Sichuan University, seeks to inspire comparative studies between both institutions
The April 2013 edition of New in HEDBIB now available
This resource contains full references and abstracts of recent publications related to higher education
Call for manuscripts from the International Journal of Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement
The Editorial Board has issued a call for manuscript submissions to the following four sections of the journal: Research Articles, Theoretical or Conceptual Articles, Review Articles, and Book Reviews.
Call for Participation in the Rankings in Institutional Strategies and Processes (RISP) project
The European University Association (EUA) has issued to call to participate in an online survey in the context of the Rankings in Institutional Strategies and Processes (RISP) project.
The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) launches its new Code of Ethical Practice
This new revision has been produced to better respond to today's societies and situations
GUNi announces its new representatives in Latin America & The Caribbean
Changes in the presidency and secretariat of the regional representation
Budd Hall & Rajesh Tandon - Guest editors of the GUNi 6th Conference
In this interview Budd Hall, Secretary of the Global Alliance on Community Engaged Research, and Rajesh Tandon, Founder and Chief Functionary of the Society for Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA), elaborate on the main themes of the upcoming GUNi 6th Conference: transformative knowledge and the importance of community-university engagement for social transformation.
Strengthening the Linkages between Industry and the Productive Sector and Higher Education Institutions in Africa
Strengthening the Linkages between Industry and the Productive Sector and Higher Education Institutions in Africa. AAU and AUCC. 2012
Transforming Cities and Minds through the Scholarship of Engagement
HOYT, Lorlene. Transforming Cities and Minds through the Scholarship of Engagement. Economy, Equity and Environment. 2013. Vanderbilt University Press.
Higher Education in the Digital Age
BOWEN, William. Higher Education in the Digital Age. 2013. Princeton University Press.
+Universidad -Especulación
BARRO AMENEIRO, Senén. +Universidad -Especulación. 2013. Netbiblo
A Three-Day Study Visit for Senior Executives of African Universities
When: May 09, 2013 to May 11, 2013
Where: Accra, Ghana
2013 International Conference on American and Chinese Southwest Studies
When: Nov 08, 2013 to Nov 10, 2013
Where: Chengdu, China
When: May 28, 2013 to May 30, 2013
Where: London, UK
First Arab-Euro University Conference on Higher Education
When: May 30, 2013 to May 31, 2013
Where: Barcelona, Spain
Coimbra Group Annual Conference 2013: Creativity, Research and Innovation in Universities
When: May 22, 2013 to May 24, 2013
Where: Galway, Ireland
45th EUCEN Conference: Transferring Knowledge in a Globalised World - A ULLL Responsibility
When: May 29, 2013 to May 31, 2013
Where: Geneva, Switzerland
16º Seminario Internacional del Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario 2013
When: Aug 22, 2013 to Aug 23, 2013
Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina
World Congress of Catholic Universities 2013: New Times, New Meanings
When: Jul 18, 2013 to Jul 21, 2013
Where: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

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