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NEW GUNi WORLD REPORT: Knowledge, Engagement and Higher Education: Contributing to Social Change.
GUNi is pleased to present: Higher Education in the World Report 5: Knowledge, Engagement and Higher Education: Contributing to Social Change, that has been published this week by Palgrave MacMillan. The Report is a collective work published as part of the GUNi series on the social commitment of universities. It is the result of a global and regional analysis of higher education in the world, with a specific subject chosen for each edition. Edited by GUNi, Bud Hall (Canada) and Rajesh Tandon (India) have been the guest editors. Seventy three authors from all the world regions have contributed to this edition.
Knowledge, engagement and higher education, a matter of social responsibility
Higher education institutions (HEIs) are active players in contributing to social change and the creation of another possible world. HEIs are active players as well in spreading current paradigms, perceptions of reality and beliefs. HEI's educate the future generation of citizens that meanwhile will carry their professional activity they will at the same time deal with human problems.
The Cooperative University of Colombia announces how transforms its money in públic benefits.
The University explains how transform into social value its money.
Mahidol University has been ranked the 1st Tailand ecofriend University
Mahidol University has been ranked 1st Univeristy in Tailand and 31st worldwide by UI Green Meetric World Universities Ranking 2013
RUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society Journal launches a call for papers for the next Special Section on 'MOOCs: Game Changer or Passing Fad? '
The Universities and Knowledge Society Journal (RUSC) is an open-access e-journal jointly published by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia, UOC, Spain) and the University of New England (UNE, Australia) that comes out twice a year, in January and July.
Experts Meeting on Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development in Asia and Pacific
The meeting is organized by UNESCO within the activities of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
The International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa develops a project on Girls Education in Somali Region in Ethiopia.
Girls Education is a project developed by the IICBA and sponsored by the government of Japan.
1st. International Forum on University Global Social Responsibility Universities in Action: Emerging Perspectives on Global Social Responsibility
The Forum is organized by the Institute for Global Social Responsibility at the Seul National University, UNESCO Bangkok, the UNESCO Chair in Community Based Research and Social Responsability and GUNi. It will be held in Seul on March 24-25.
Talloires publishes a new edition of the Leaders in the Civic Engagement Movement Series
This February, the Talloires Network publishes the fourth edition of the series on Leaders in the Civic Engagement Movement, co-edited by Lorlene Hoyt and Amy Newcomb Rowe.
Registration for the IAU 2014 Conference is open
Registration for the next IAU Conference is currently open. The Conference will be held in Universidad Científica del Perú, Iquitos, from March 19-21.
See the launch events of the GUNi Report worldwide
The new GUNi publication Higher Education in the World Report: Knowledge, Engagement and Higher Education: Contributing to Social Change will be launched in different events around the world.
See the Table of Contents and Authors of the new GUNi Report
The report is a collective work in which 73 authors from all the world regions have contributed. A special mention have to be done to all them and the guest editors, as without they involvement and work in the project, for almost two years, this Report wouldn't exist. The result is the more comprehensive document regarding the issue of Community-University Engagement at global level. GUNi want to thank to all them having join the project.
2014 Talloires Network Leaders Conference
When: Dec 02, 2014 to Dec 04, 2014
Where: Cape Town, South Africa
2014 Sustainable Research and Innovation(SRI) Conference
When: May 07, 2014 to May 09, 2014
Where: Nairobi, Kenya
Global Going 2014: The Conference for leaders of international education
When: Apr 29, 2014 to May 01, 2014
Where: Miami, USA
6th International Conference of the Popular Education Network
When: Apr 24, 2014 to Apr 26, 2014
Where: Malta
Universidad 2014: 9no Congreso Internacional de Educación Superior
When: Feb 10, 2014 to Feb 14, 2014
Where: La Habana, Cuba

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