See the updated list of the GUNi Report presentations worldwide: More than 30 events in 20 countries

GUNi Team

Since its publication, the new GUNi World Report is being launched in more than 30 events scheduled in countries such us USA, Canada, India, Jordan (regional presentation in Arab States), Denmark, Argentina, United Kingdom, Italy, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia and South Africa, among others. 

      • February 9, Amman (Jordan): “How to Integrate Civic Engagement onto University Campuses in the Arab Region”. Talloires Network Faculty and Staff Professional Program Workshop. Columbia Middle East Research Center and Silatech.
      • March 3-7, Delhi, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh (India): "Community based research and social responsibility in higher education”. PRIA in collaboration with the British Council.
      • March 20, Ottawa (Canada): Meeting of the Canadian Bureau of International Education in cooperation with Canadian Commission for UNESCO.
      • March 19-21, Iquitos (Peru): “IAU 2014 International Conference: Blending Higher Education and Traditional Knowledge for Sustainable Development”. International Association of Universities (IAU) in collaboration with the Universidad Científica del Perú.
      • March 24-25, Seoul (Korea): “1st International Forum on Global Social Responsibility. Universities in Actions: Emerging perspectives on Global Social Responsibility”. Seoul National University, Institute of Global Responsibility, GUNi, UNESCO Chair in community based research and social responsibility and UNESCO Bangkok.
      • March 25, Oxford (UK): “Conference of the Open Society Foundation”. Pembroke College at Oxford University.
      • April 3-4, Cape Town (South Africa): “"The South African Higher Education Community Engagement Forum (SAHECEF)" University of Western Cape.
      • April 7, Kansas (USA) in the framework of the “Kansas State University’s Community Engagement Scholarship Symposium” in partnership with the Engagement Scholarship Consortium.
      • April 9-11, Copenhagen (Denmark): Living Knowledge Network Conference. Aalborg University.
      • April 22, Glasgow (UK). “Official launch of the GUNi Report in UK”. University of Glasgow.
      • April 24-26, La Valletta (Malta): “6th International Conference of the Popular Education Network”. University of Malta.
      • April 29-May 1, Miami (USA): “Going Global 2014 Conference for leaders in international education”. Miami Beach Convention Center.
      • May 13, Toowoomba (Australia): “Launch of the GUNi Report”. University of Southern Queensland (USQ).
      • May 17-18, Victoria (Canada): “Collective Analysis Workshop for Mainstreaming CBS Project”. University of Victoria.
      • May 19-22, Victoria (Canada): “Conference on Beyond Engagement”. University of Victoria.
      • June 16, Edinburg (Scotland): “Symposium on University-Community Partnerships, Infant Mental Health, and Systems Change”. World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH).
      • July 10-12, Coimbra (Portugal): “International Colloquium Epistemologies of the South”. Alice Strange Mirrors, Coimbra University.
      • July 14-16, Badajoz (Spain): “Congreso Ibero-Americano de Investigación Qualitativa (CIAIQ)”. Universidad de Extremadura.
      • August 18-22, Buenos Aires (Argentina): “XVII Seminario Internacional de aprendizaje y servicio solidario”. CLAYSS.
      • September 15-20 (Accra, Ghana): “6th. International Conference and workshops in Higher Education in Africa: Africa Regional Higher Education Quality Assurance Conference and Workshop”. GUNi-Africa, UNESCO, AfriQAN, AAU.
      • October, 26-29, Florianopolis (Brazil): “Seminário de Pesquisa em Educação da Região Sul/Reunião Científica Regional da Anped (X ANPED SUL)”, Grupo de Estudios sobre Politica Educaçonal e Trabalho (GEPETO).
      • October 27-29, Criciuma (Brazil): “Congresso Iberoamericano de Humanidades, Ciencias, Educaçao: Perspectivas Contemporáneas” UNESC (Universidade Extremos Sul Catarinense.
      • October 28-30, Sorocaba (Brazil): “Seminário Internacional Formaçao e conhecimento”. Universidade de Sorocaba (UNISO)
      • October 27-29, Kampala (Uganda): “East African Strategic Planning meeting”. Makerere University.
      • Mid October, Edmonton (USA): in the framework of the Engagement Scholarship Consortium annual conference.
      • Mid October, Hong Kong: “Seminar in Community University Engagement and Social responsibility”. University of Lingnan.
      • November 5, Barcelona (Spain): “Launch of the GUNi Report”. Global University Network for Innovation (GUNi).
      • November, Torino (Italy): “Launch of the GUNi Report”
      • November, Roma (Italy): “Launch of the GUNi Report”
      • Date to be published (Mexico): “3 launch events of the GUNi Report”.






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