GUNi joins the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site Knowledge Center

GUNi Team

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is now home of a unique research center in Europe set up by leading institutions in the fields of sustainability, health, education and culture. Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site hosts seven cutting-edge offices of international organizations that aim to develop joint initiatives geared to finding meaningful responses to the challenges of the 21st Century.

What was formerly a public hospital, Sant Pau, is now an emerging hub for knowledge, innovation, cooperation and training in relation to some of the most pressing challenges facing society. The Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility of the United Nations University (UNU-GCM), the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-HABITAT), the World Health OrganizationOffice for Health Systems StrengtheningCasa Asia, the European Forest Institute (EFI), the Global Water Operators' Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA) and the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNi), are the members of this knowledge center that aims to become a transdisciplinary think tank able to influence to the global agenda.

All these institutions, recently moved to Sant Pau, share a global vision of the key problems that are currently pressing humanity. They also have the common purpose to generate a positive impact internationally, in many different areas of knowledge, in order to influence on policy-making and decisions taken in business, academic and social sectors, as well as to promote the emergence of several unique, high-value initiatives as genuine products of this new center of global excellence.

United by those common values, these institutions build an international community that strives to build bridges between disciplines, cultures and sectors, and engage a wide range of actors locally and globally to contribute knowledge and practical support towards the resolution of complex problems in numerous fields.

GUNi, like other organizations part of Sant Pau Knowledge Center, will keep on developing its own programs and activities, while wishes to establish partnerships to undertake shared initiatives, studies and projects to find meaningful responses to the major challenges facing society nowadays.

Sant Pau is a good opportunity to connect agents and experiences and provide a unique environment for fruitful interaction between the academic, economic and social sectors with the aim of promoting transversal research and knowledge and facilitating public involvement in the important debates taking place in this privileged setting. For GUNi, Sant Pau also represents one step forward in its route to put into practice all the values and principles that promotes since its creation, as well as a chance to better achieve its mission and objectives of putting knowledge at the service of social transformation, joining forces with highly motivated institutions that share the same common purpose and values.

The principles underpinning Sant Pau Research Center project are based on the ISO 26000 guidelines on Social Responsibility: accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, respect for stakeholder interests, complete legality and international standards of behavior and respect for human rights.

More information about Sant Pau Art Noveau Site can be found here.

More information about Sant Pau Art Noveau Site Research Center and about the institutions member can be found here.


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