Namhla Mniki-Mangaliso

Director at the African Monitor (AM)

CV summary

Ms. Namhla Mniki-Mangaliso is the Director at African Monitor (AM).  AM is a continental body set up to act as a catalyst to monitor development resource commitments, delivery and impact on the grassroots, and to bring strong additional African voices to the development agenda.  AM’s current strategic focus is to advocate for improved economic opportunities for Africa’s grassroots communities so that they can independently generate their own livelihoods. 

Ms. Mniki-Mangaliso also served as Head of the Secretariat for the Africa CSO Working on Post-2015, a network of over 100 African CSO that have been collaborating to develop a framework reflecting the consensus position emerging out of CSO consultations in Africa, in a way that is inclusive, transparent and open.  The African CSO Working Group has been an important part of the UN HLP outreach process, ensuring that the voices, aspirations and perspectives of Africans are incorporated into the new development agenda.

Prior to taking up the position at African Monitor, Ms. Mniki-Mangaliso was the Head of Secretariat for the Mandela Institute for Development Studies.  She is a development activist with extensive experience in starting and managing development-focused organizations working in Africa.  As a development activist, she has extensive technical skills in policy analysis, research and advocacy.  She is passionate about human rights, Africa’s development agenda and grassroots involvement and participation in their own development trajectory.  She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree, a BA Honours, and an MBA.


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