Mounir Temmam

Expert Consultant to GTZ, UNDP and World Bank in Morocco and in the MENA region. ECI's Founding Director

CV summary

Dr. Temmam has nearly 20 years of professional experience in project management, particularly in the areas of environment, climate change and sustainable development. He currently serves as an Expert Consultant to financial donors (GTZ, UNDP and World Bank) in Morocco and in the MENA region. He also works with the public sector and private companies through ECI, of which he is Founding Director. His recent experience in Morocco has allowed him to work closely with policy makers on partner-based programs and projects on various environmental and climate policy topics. This experience has enabled him to acquire a very good knowledge of environmental issues in Morocco, as well as its governance framework, its public and private actors, and the work approaches best suited to the Moroccan context. In addition to the institutional sector, Mr. Temmam also has extensive professional experience in industry. As Environment Manager within a multinational company, he led the construction and commissioning of major technical infrastructures and the implementation of an environmental management system in a large-scale industrial complex. With a Ph.D. in environmental geochemistry from the prestigious McGill University in Canada, Dr. Temmam began his professional career in Canada. As a project manager in various internationally respected engineering consultancy firms, where he carried out several large-scale projects for private sector clients, particularly in the industrial (oil, petrochemical and mining companies, etc.) and financial (banks, insurance companies) sectors, as well as for institutional clients (municipalities, ministries, government agencies, etc.) and internationally renowned law firms.


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