Melitta Jakab

Senior health economist at the WHO Barcelona Office for Health Systems

CV summary

Jakab, Melitta (M.Sc, Ph.D.) is a senior health economist at the WHO Barcelona Office for Health Systems strengthening of the WHO Regional Office for Europe.  She has twenty years of experience in health system strengthening, health financing, policy analysis, and education in global health. Her work includes advising WHO Member States on health financing policy design and implementation, in particular in Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.  She has been leading a multi-disciplinary work program on Health System Strengthening for Better NCD Outcomes.  She has been co-director of the Barcelona Courses on Health Systems Strengthening and Health Financing.  She is co-editor of Implementing Health Financing Reform: Lessons from Countries in Transition (Kutzin, Cashin and Jakab, et al, European Observatory, 2010).  She has a PhD from Harvard University and M.Sc. in Health Policy for the Harvard School of Public Health. 



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