Maria Marquès

Professor of Criminal Law at Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) and co-president of the Teaching and Capacity Building Committee, IUCN Academy of Environmental Law

CV summary

Maria Marquès i Banqué, Ph.D. in Law. Lecturer of Criminal Law and researcher at the Tarragona Centre for Environmental Law Studies (CEDAT) at Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV). Former Vice-Rector for Teaching and European Higher Education Area at URV (2010-2014). In this capacity, she was responsible for the Service-Learning Programme at URV. She is the director of the Environmental Law Clinic at URV and member of the European Network for Clinical Legal Education. Clinical legal education is a strong international movement that involves law teachers and students around the world in the achievement of social justice. Legal clinics based on universities and embedded into the curriculum are initiatives of service-learning in the field of law. She has been co-chair of the Teaching and Capacity Building Committee of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law (2010-2017). Her main research interests are environmental crime and criminal policies in the risk society. She has been visiting scholar at Max Planck Institut für internationales und ausländisches Strafrecht, Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany); at the Institute of Marine and Environmental Law, University of Cape Town (South Africa) and at the Asian-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law, National University of Singapore (Singapore).


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