Laban Ayiro

Professor of Research Methods & Ag. Vice Chancellor Moi Univeristy

CV summary

He has been a Chemistry teacher, Principal of several High Schools, Provincial Director of Education, Deputy Director of Staff Training (Kenya Education Management Institute), Senior Deputy Director for Policy and Planning at the Ministry Headquarters and Senior Deputy Director for Research and Curriculum Development at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development. Prof. Ayiro is a Senior Fulbright Scholar having been to the USA in 2011-2012 researching and teaching at the University of Texas A&M. He is a leading consultant in Research, Organizational Leadership and Performance. He is a Professor of Research Methods and Statistics and has worked as Director, Quality Assurance and Standards at Moi University.  He has a wide research and publication track record of over twenty publications. He has acted as Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration, Planning and Development and is currently the Ag. Vice Chancellor Moi University.

Prof. Ayiro has over 30 years’ experience as high school teacher, principal of several schools, Provincial Director of Education, Deputy and Senior Deputy Director of Education, Professor and Director-Quality Assurance as well as Ag. Vice-Chancellor. Has also been awarded the Senior Fulbright Fellowship for research and teaching at Texas A&M University by the American Government in 2011.  In this career path he has engaged in Educational Leadership at school and provincial level, Policy Development and Implementation at the ministry headquarters, Curriculum Development at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, teaching Research Methods and Statistics and superintending over Quality Issues at the university.


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