Josep Joan Moreso

Professor of Legal Philosophy at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and President of the Catalan Agency for University Quality (AQU)

CV summary

Josep Joan Moreso is Professor of Legal Philosophy at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Law degree (University of Barcelona, 1983) and PhD in Law (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona 1988). He has mainly worked on Theory of Law, with special attention to the structure and dynamics of legal systems, applying the contributions of the deontic logic. His most recent research is based on the philosophical foundations of the Constitution, covering a wide range where several areas converge, as: metaethics, philosophy of language, theory of interpretation and argumentation of Law, political philosophy and theory of democracy. On October 2010, he was invested as doctor honoris causa of the Valparaíso University (Chile) and in 2013 he was invested as doctor honoris causa from Universidad Antenor Orrego Trujillo (Peru). He is also Honorary Assistant Professor at the Diego Portales University (Chile). Currently, J.J. Moreso is co-director of the collection “Philosophy of Law” of the Publisher Marcial Pons and editor of several magazines within his specialization like Doxa and Ratio Juris. He has published more than ten books and more than two hundred articles and book chapters and has supervised twenty doctoral theses.

He was rector of the UPF between 2005 and 2013. During those years, the University adapted all degrees to EHEA, deepened its research profile and postgraduate training and strengthened its international focus. Since 2013, he is the president of AQU Catalunya.


  • UNESCO. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • The Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP)

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