Dr Angela Connelly

Manchester University
Lecturer in Architecture, Research Associate

CV summary

Angela Connelly completed her PhD, funded under an AHRC/ESRC Collaborative Doctoral Award, within the Manchester Architecture Research Centre. 

Her work relates to climate change adaptation, particularly around the understanding climate risk and the opportunities and constraints offered by new technologies. She works in a co-creative manner with other disciplines and local and national policymakers. More recently, she has become interested in exploring transdisciplinary knowledge practices relating to environmental change through, for example, exploring arts-based sustainability approaches and how they can contribute to the creation of inclusive urban visions. 

Angela has a broad and varied number of research interests which reflects her interdisciplinary training and background.

Firstly, she is interested in how buildings change and adapt even though they may seem like fixed and solid objects. Her PhD, for example,  traced the adaptation pathways of religious buildings in the face of wider processes of secularisation. This has led to interests in how post-1945 places of worship were planned for (or not) in new towns and housing estates. 

Secondly, she undertakes applied planning research on climate change adaptation and urban sustainability in the built environment and has, amongst others, worked with Liverpool City Council. Manchester City Council, Rochdale Borough Council, and the Building Research Establishment. This work has looked at how to practically adapt buildings to cope with flooding and extreme temperatures, as well as how these aspects are goverened. She has, more recently, became interested in the interchange between various disciplines in addressing the climate change agenda by working with musicians and artists to understand the issues and also to communicate climate change.

Full bio: www.research.manchester.ac.uk/portal/angela.connelly


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