Higher Education's Commitment to Sustainability

Higher Education Institutions can play a significant role in building a sustainable paradigm. They may help in facing local and global challenges, facilitating society to answer major global challenges. Their vision and action could be reinforced with a role review towards the creation and distribution of socially relevant knowledge in education and research, and in relationship with communities. They can support, en even anticipate, ways for action to play a proactive and committed role in rebuilt societies.

  • Article
    In this article Àngels Canadell, coordinator of the GUNI Report Higher Education in the World 4, explains the need of an integrative vision to advance sustainability and the...
  • Article
    In this article Walter Leal Filho, Senior Professor at London Metropolitan University, UK and head of the Research and Transfer Centre "Applications of Life Sciences" of the...
  • Article
    In this article, Yazmín Cruz, GUNI project officer, states that quality cannot be an abstract, unimportant notion: it must be applied to a specific context and in relation to the...
  • Article
    Dr. Alex Ryan and Professor Daniella Tilbury, University of Gloucestire, present a review on Sustainability in Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific: Developments, challenges, and...
  • Abdel Moneim Osman

    In this interview, Abdel Moneim Osman, Director of the UNESCO Regional Bureau of Education in Arab States and Secretary of GUNI Arab States, reflects upon the challenges for higher education and UNESCO’s projects in the region. He also gives his vision on how higher education institutions can...

  • Ana Lucia Gazzola

    In this interview, Ana Lúcia Gazzola, the former executive director of both INHOTIM and IESALC, reflects on the role of higher education in creating knowledge and eradicating economic and social inequalities. INHOTIM and IESALC (Instituto Internacional de la Unesco para la Educación Superior en ...

  • Young-Gil Kim

    Young-Gil Kim, President of Handong Global University, which is hosting the UNITWIN Network on Capacity Building of Sustainable Development in Developing Countries, details the objectives and activities of the Network and reflects upon the contribution of higher education towards sustainable...

  • Manon Vaal

    Manon Vaal has been promoting the growth of science shops both in the Netherlands and abroad. She talked about the role of science shops as intermediate organizations between society and science. Ms. Vaal also talked about the evolution that science shops have experienced since their appearance...



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