Higher Education's Commitment to Sustainability

Higher Education Institutions can play a significant role in building a sustainable paradigm. They may help in facing local and global challenges, facilitating society to answer major global challenges. Their vision and action could be reinforced with a role review towards the creation and distribution of socially relevant knowledge in education and research, and in relationship with communities. They can support, en even anticipate, ways for action to play a proactive and committed role in rebuilt societies.

  • GUNi Highlights

    The 6th Higher Education in the World report "Towards a Socially Responsible University: Balancing the Global and the Local" was...

  • Interview

    In this interview William Scott, emeritus professor at the University of Bath and director of the South West Learning for Sustainability Coalition, highlights that students need to be helped in seeing connections between the sustainability-related issues they study formally in their degrees, and...

  • Article
    In this article Orlando Sáenz and Javier Benayas from University of Applied and Environmental Sciences, Colombia and the Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain respectively,...
  • Article
    In this article Ko Nomura and Osamu Abe, from Nagoya University and Rikkyo University, Japan, present a condensed version of the regional article on Asia and the Pacific included...
  • Prof. Carballo during the interview

    In this interview Cristina Carballo, from the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, explains her vision of the university in Argentina and how the challenges of sustainability and cultural diversity have been addressed.

  • Article
    In this article Tarah Wright from Dalhousie University in Canada presents a condensed version of the regional report on Canada and USA included in the GUNi Report Higher Education...
  • Mercè Junyent Pubill

    In this interview, Mercè Junyent talks about the competencies of Higher Education professionals on sustainability and highlights the least developed competencies and what are the training needs for Higher Education professionals.

  • Alexis Smirnov

    In this interview, Alexei Smirnov speaks about the capacities necessary to work in an increasingly globalized world, as well as his university’s efforts in international relations and some issues facing sustainability in his specific region.



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