Quality Assurance


To fill the vacuum created by the expanded demand and the states lack of expanded resources, different kinds of providers emerged in both public and private sectors. This raises concerns about maintaining the quality of higher education, essential for the sustainable development of countries and for protecting the interests of different stakeholders, including most importantly, the students, who are the future leaders of the countries.

Accreditation has become an important instrument for quality assurance in higher education around the world.

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    University cooperation is rapidly changing its identity.
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    In this article, Yazmín Cruz, GUNI project officer, states that quality cannot be an abstract, unimportant notion: it must be applied to a specific context and in relation to the...
  • Gemma Rauret

    Gemma Rauret spoke to us of the challenges that must be faced in the years ahead by the Spanish higher education system within the European Higher Education Area. She also spoke of the role that ANECA will play in this context and the strategy it will employ.

  • Elaine El-Khawas

    Elaine El-Khawas talked to GUNI about the differences between the accreditation and quality assurance systems in the US, Canada and the rest of the world. She also talked about the future changes in the US quality assurance system.



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