• In this article Dine Brinkman of the Wageningen University, describes the evolution, tasks and scope of the Team Intercultural Dialogue and explores its relevance and main results.
  • On October 17, the ‘Big Tent’ group of regional and global community engagement networks held their second global video dialogue. The PASCAL International Observatory at the University of Glasgow hosted the event with Rajesh Tandon, GACER Chair and PRIA President and Michael Osborne, PASCAL...
  • The 6th International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education: “Let’s build transformative knowledge to drive social change”, organized by the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNi), will take place on 12-15, May 2013.
  • GUNi invites you to participate in a research project on community-university engagement by completing an online survey questionnaire. The conclusions of the research will be published in the next GUNi Report, “Higher Education in the world 5”.
  • In this article, François Vallaeys, a philosopher specialising in university social responsibility and adviser to the Regional Observatory on Social Responsibility in Latin America and the Caribbean (ORSALC-UNESCO), reflects on the concept of social responsibility and its application in the...
  • In this article, Axel Didriksson presents, from an analytical and programmatic perspective, the existing debate for a new agenda of transformation of higher education in Latin America and the Caribbean by analyzing its main features and components.
  • The event took place last 6-7 March, 2013, with the objective to develop a collaborative debate on the regional articles for the upcoming GUNi report. The Seminar followed the events of the public launch of the UNESCO Chair in Community-Based Research at UVic.
  • The 6th International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education (HE), "Let's build transformative knowledge to drive social change", held in Barcelona from 13th to 15th May 2013, gathered more than 325 participants from about 60 countries. In this article we present the main outcomes of the...
  • Higher education institutions (HEIs) are active players in contributing to social change and the creation of another possible world. HEIs are active players as well in spreading current paradigms, perceptions of reality and beliefs. HEI’s educate the future generation of citizens that meanwhile...
  • GUNi is pleased to present: Higher Education in the World Report 5: Knowledge, Engagement and Higher Education: Contributing to Social Change , that has been published this week by Palgrave MacMillan. The Report is a collective work published as part of the GUNi series on the social commitment of...
  • The Agreement was signed in Seoul on March 25, during the celebration of the 1st International Forum on University Social Responsibility. The forum was organized by the Seoul National University’s Institute for Global Social Responsibility (SNU-IGSR) in partnership with UNESCO Bangkok, the UNESCO...
  • Since its publication, the new GUNi World Report is being launched in more than 30 events scheduled in countries such us USA, Canada, India, Jordan (regional presentation in Arab States), Denmark, Argentina, United Kingdom, Italy, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia and South Africa, among others.



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