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3-LENSUS Database

Lifelong Learning Network for Sustainable Development

The Lifelong Learning Network for Sustainable Development focuses on the key issue of the ‘knowledge triangle’ of education, research and innovation, for regional sustainable development.  Building on the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development call for engagement of universities with other societal actors to develop contextualized knowledge for sustainable development, 3-LENSUS will create a virtual European Learning Space for Sustainable Development to share innovative approaches among and between regional, multi-stakeholder learning networks for sustainable development and build capacity for furthering these activities.

The main goals of the project are

networking universities with diverse actors in regional, multi-stakeholder learning networks by

  • Supporting the re-launch of the COPERNICUS Alliance and creating opportunities for exchange between higher education institutions, regional learning networks and Regional Centres of Expertise
  • Developing an Open Database containing examples of innovative practice for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as a source of inspiration, networking and support
  • Developing a prototype of a virtual European Learning Space for Sustainable Development; consisting of a technological, organisational and educational component

capacity building for the support of existing and development of further regional, multi-stakeholder learning networks for  sustainable development by

  • Developing and implementing a seminar program for academic and non-academic participants interested in regional networking and the Regional Centres of Expertise approach
  • Creating a Best Practice Handbook on innovative practices for regional multi-stakeholder learning for sustainable development with a particular analysis on the role of universities in this process.

The database can be found here:

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