Submission of Abstracts for the 12th PASCAL International Observatory Conference by May 18


The 12th PASCAL International Observatory Conference will be hosted by the University of Catania from 7 to October 8 with the collaboration of GUNi. This event aims to raise the relationship between Higher Education institutions and regional players, and link with global issues such as employment, migration, cultural and climate change.

The conference builds upon the themes of previous PASCAL conferences and of some of the observatory’s key work, notably the PURE (Pascal Universities Regional Engagement) and PUMR (Pascal Universities for a Modern Renaissance) projects. During this meeting speakers will discuss various subjects such as Engaging communities with universities, Sustainable and healthy city development or cultural engagement.

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The Human and Development Network of Education (HDNED) Group from the World Bank has published the report Functional literacy, heterogeneity and the returns to schooling: multi-country evidence.

Little is known about which of the skills that make up workers' human capital contribute to higher earnings. Past empirical evidence suggest that most of the return to schooling is generated by effects or correlates unrelated to the skills measured by the available tests. This paper uses the International Adult Literacy and the Adult Literacy and Life Skills surveys to obtain multi-country estimates of the components of the return to schooling.

The results reveal considerable heterogeneity and a dichotomy between two groups of countries. For a subgroup of educationally advanced countries, nearly half of the return to schooling can be attributed to labor marker-relevant functional literacy skills associated with schooling, while for a subgroup of less educationally advanced countries, such skills account for just over 20 percent of the return to schooling, while the return to schooling mostly reflects the signaling value of schooling.

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