Presentation of the 6th GUNi Report in Ghana


The Association of African Universities (AAU) presented the 6th GUNi Report in Accra (Ghana) last 29th March 2017 in a regional event.

The GUNi-Africa regional office successfully launched the 6th GUNi Report on March 29, 2017 in Accra, Ghana. The presentation was hosted by Mr. Peter Okebukola, president of the GUNi-Africa regional office, in a Africa regional event organised by the Association of African Universities (AAU) with funding support from the European Union and the African Union.

The event was attended by vice-chancellors and higher education quality assurance experts from Algeria, Denmark, DR Congo, Egypt, France, Germany, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sweden and the UK.

The AAU is a platform for research, reflection, consultation, debates, co-operation and collaboration on issues pertaining to higher education. It provides a range of services to its members and served African higher education in a variety of ways. It has established and increased its role in the five sub-regions of Africa and is thus able, at reasonable notice, to assemble teams of experts in relevant fields from the sub-regions. The Association convenes higher education institutional leaders and policy-makers from all parts of the continent on key issues related to African higher education and development.



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