The New Flagship University: Changing The Paradigm from Global Ranking to National Relevancy


Written and edited by John Aubrey Douglass, with chapter contributions by John Hawkins, Andrés Bernasconi and Daniela Véliz Calderón, Bjørn Stensaker and Tatiana Fumasoli, Isak Froumin and Oleg Leshukov and Manja Klemencic

The recent book 'New Flagship University: changing the paradigm from Global Ranking to National Relevancy' from John Aubrey Douglass provides an expansive vision for leading national universities and an alternative narrative to global rankings and World Class Universities that dominate the attention of many universities, as well as government ministries. The New Flagship model explores pathways for universities to re-shape their missions and academic cultures, and to pursue organizational features intended to expand their relevancy in the societies that give them life and purpose. In this quest, international standards of excellence focused largely on research productivity are not ignored, but are framed as only one goal towards supporting a university's productivity and larger social purpose—not as an end unto itself. Chapters by contributing authors detail the historical and contemporary role of leading national university in Asia, South America, Russia, and Scandinavia, and consider how the New Flagship model might be applied and expanded on.

A conference at Zhejiang University on the New Flagship U model and its applicability in Asia will be held on May 23th-25th 2016. This first APHERP seminar 2016 will be directed and facilitated by John Hawkins, contributor of the book and co-director of APHERP.

Have a look at this video on the recent talk on the book that John Aubrey Douglass gave at the Social Science Matrix at UC Berkeley:



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